Repressions to those who disagree with Centralization in the Cosmos Ecosystem

We can’t solve the problem, until we accept that the problem exist!

After my article, that has all proofs of social power centralization in the hands of Catdotfish, “forces of centralization” began to make a repressions against me.

I meet with repressions not the first time in my life — I’m political refugee. So, for me it’s not a surprise that Centralization will not give up without battle.

I too much love Cosmos Ecosystem, to just shut up and hide a problem, and because of it I share with you, what’s really happens.

At first, I was banned in the Keplr Group in TG without any reasons. I wasn’t write nothing bad, just asking questions to help to users. But, I was banned) You can clearly see it:

As you can see, cat has dog, who protects the power of the cat. And we can read the same situation in the book of George Orwell “Animal Farm”.

And I was banned form Keplr Group not by Catdotfish, but by her dog JD Hadwin, that unquestioningly obeys the orders of the cat, barks at those who are indicated, for which he receives a sugar bone.

And looks like I need to be in Keplr group for myself.
I was in group to help to community.
Also — I’m a creator of sticker:
Cosmostation & Keplr — We’re more than friends. We’re parts of Cosmos Ecosystem.

But for authoritarian egoists it’s not important. They use power in own interests, not in the interests of community.

And one more interesting fact!
One time I was writing about Cosmostation in Keplr group, and after it Catdotfish was writing me, and ask to stop to “make an advertising of Cosmostation in Keplr group”.

I was little bit confused. I was thinking that we are one Ecosystem!
And of course I was writing about it to Catdotfish. And look! Catdotfish deleted her messages! But she can’t delete my answers from our chat! So, you can see only my answers, not her asking of me to stop to write about Cosmostation in Keplr group!

And as you can see, I was agree with her to stop to make “advertising of Cosmostation”…

But, repressions to me not stopped)

Catdotfish was making a pressure to Cosmostation Team. And Cosmostation Team asked me to leave group, because they don’t want to have a problems. And because Catdotfish don’t like me, they also can have problems, so I need to leave the community. I love Cosmostation very much. I was spend a lot of time to help to many users. If you will look at my Medium, youwill see how many value I was bringing to community. But if I love Cosmostaion, I need to leave it. I don’t want that my lovely project have problems.

Now I can’t to help to community. And for me it’s not a problem. I never get any reward for my help, and never ask for any reward. I just did what I like: help to the people in the interest of Decentralization. Now, I can’t help to Cosmostation community because of Social Power of Catdotfish. It’s too big. Bigger than Social Power of Cosmostation Team!
And she can do anything her wants. And nobody can’t control her. Even community!

I’m not an egoist, and because of it I leave the group.

If you will have any issues, feel free to

Never trust to people who wrote you first.
Never share your mnemonic.
And of course, do everything to prevent the centralization.

I need to leave the Community not by my wish, but because @catdotfish will make a problems to Cosmostation, if I will be in Community.
And if I love Cosmostation, I need to leave it)

Also, after my article about problem of centralization of social power in Cosmos Network community, user of Medium Ciaran Kearney write me this:

Here is my answer on his comment:

But looks like that user of Medium Ciaran Kearney — is also one of the dog of cat, who are protect social power that is concentrated in the hands of Catdotfish. This user didn’t want to look at the eyes of Truth, and he began to write me more:

This is my answer to him, and I want to share it with others, that you understand, that this is not my personal problem. This is a problem of all Cosmos Network community and more!
This is my answer to last pressure, to stop to speak about real problem of social centralization:


  1. You can see screenshots of discussion. And screenshots clearly shows that Daniela was aggressive without any reasons.
  2. I wasn’t aggressive, and was very nice. You can see it on screenshots too.
  3. Also, at screenshots you can see, that I wasn’t attack nobody.
  4. At the beginning of article, if you will see the reason, why I make this situation public. This is my duty — to prevent centralization. And for me is not important — threat of centralization goes from Binance, from Putin, or from Daniela.
  5. When you ask me to hide a problem, you become an accomplice of the problem. It is the duty of the community members to talk about threats to the community. Whoever is the threat.
  6. What means “leave the woman alone”? If person use power in own interests, not in the interests of community — this is a problem of community. I don’t come to Daniela. I don’t want nothing from Daniela.
  • One time I was writing her in Discord, and ask to unban me in Telegeram. She banned me in Discord.
  • After, I was writing her to PM, and was asking to unban me in Telegram and Discord. She was ignoring my messages.
  • After I was writing her in IRIS group. She banned me in IRIS group.
  • After, one week I was trying to solve the problem with many different people, and Daniela only was answering, that she don’t want to return me to group.
  • After one week, I understand that Daniela has a great social power, and she can do anything she wants, and community don’t control her. I collect all proofs of centralization of social power in a hands of Daniela, and that she use this power not in the interest of community, but in her own interests.

And problem of centralization still not solved. Community still hasn’t any possibility to protect itself from admins. And now — you are only one more proof, that Authoritarian Power try to hide the real problem.
Now, Daniela told to everybody, that she banned me, because I wrote an article, but this is a lie.
She banned me before.
And article — just a possibility to protect community from authoritarian behavior of Daniels.
If she so good, as you think, she should unban me in Telegram when I was asking her in Discord. One week before I wrote an article.
Or she should unban me, after I wrote her in IRIS group.
But she showed that she can do anything she wants, and don’t care about nothing!

I will write one article more about Daniela, and that she send to me her fanatics, and try to hide the proofs of her authoritarian behavior.
I have more and more proofs. And I will public all of them.

We need to solve this problem. And don’t matter — is this problem Putin, Binance or Daniela.

Wish you the best)

— END —

So, friends, I really have more proofs, and I will post it later. Now I need to spend a time to create more value for all Ecosystem!
Keep on contact!