General Strike against Centralization of the Cosmos Network

I honestly tried to solve this problem on a personal level, but I was met with ignorance…

I tried to resolve this issue within the community, but I was not allowed to speak…

It gave me the understanding of missing threat. Centralization already here. Not in the Blockchain, but in the community!

I have to push this issue out of the community, because I really love this community and wish the best for it!

I care, which is why I raise this question.

It is very important that you understand me correctly!

  1. This article is not against Daniela Catdotfish— she is a good person, but she can also be wrong. This is common to all people.
  2. This article is not about Daniela Catdotfish in general— just Daniela is an example on which I want to show the main point: in addition to the threat of network centralization, we also have a threat of community centralization. And this has already happened.
  3. I don’t want this article hurt Daniela Catdotfish, but when a doctor performs an operation on a patient, the doctor cuts the patient with a knife. It not be pleasant, it may be painful, but unfortunately there is no way to cure a person, other than to point out the bad sides of the person. And EGO is the reason for the bad sides of a person. I apologize in advance that this text may hurt, but if you perceive it not as an “attempt to offend“, but as an attempt to point out the sides with which person need to work, then soon Daniela will thank me. Apparently, no one else worries about her moral and psychological state as me.
  4. Just because I’m pointing out the bad sides of Daniela Catdotfish — doesn’t mean she doesn’t have good sides. She has a lot of good sides! She does a lot for the Cosmos Ecosystem, she helps people a lot, she has an amazing organizational gift! I’m appreciate to Daniela. I care about her, that is why I’m writing this text. I wish her the best, and I want this text to help Daniela grow over herself. If I treated Daniela badly, I would not waste time pointing out her weaknesses. And I do it publicly, since I have already tried to do it personally, and more than once, but it does not work. The only thing that can change a person is the person her/himself. But in order for a person to understand that she/he needs to change something in her/himself, she/he needs to be pointed out to her/him by outside observers. We don’t notice a lot of ourselves.

Like usual, big problems began from something not important…

At 19th of may, I was reading beautiful tutorial about getting prizes for participating in the tests of Gravity DEX, that was made by Catdotfish

I’ve found one moment in the tutorial, make a screenshot and send it to

To be true, everybody can use extensions on the mobile. Exist to apps:
Kiwi Browser — here is a video tutorial.
Ungoogled Chrom —

Both of them are open sourse. I prefer Ungoogled Chrome. All you need is to turn on experimental function, desktop mode, and after enjoy any google extension at your mobile!

I don’t know why, but Daniela was very aggressive to me, because I posted this information. And I just wanted to help to users without PC to get an access to Keplr Extension. You can read our “dialogue” on the screenshots, I will not re-write it:

Daniela had very strange behavior, and I just didn’t understand what’s a problem… I re-read the tutorial, and understood, that no problems in using Keplr on smartphone… I was thinking that it’s better to explain, that “to use Keplr Extension in browser on PC” is the same like “to use Keplr Extension in browser on smartphone”:

But Daniela was very aggressive to me, and I can’t understand what’s the reason?! We always was in good digital relations. I always help her as much as I can. I was tying to support her with nice tweets, when she was tired from endless questions about airdrop:

I was always writing something good about her activity in my social media:

I was try to appreciate not only by words, but also for deals, and when I printed t-shirts with my design, one of it I send to Daniela as a present. I love to make presents to people, even if i never saw them in material world…

So, let’s return to strange dialogue at 19th of May… I was really interesting what’s the reason of so aggressive behavior to me, but all I got — it’s accusing me of not understanding what it means to work with a large number of people…

But I know what is to work with thousands of people. And I not only managing chat…

At first, I’m political refugee. Before the blockchain I was involved in many different civil initiatives. And I was so active, that I met with state repressions. Here is an article, how I became a political refugee:

And I have experience of organisation of really big events, and not in digital world, but in material world. And not for several days, but for several month. With protest camps, police brutality, blockade of highways and offices, seating in jails… But if we will speak about activity in digital world, this is the list what I’m doing:

- I’m Validator of Starname:

- I’m Validator of Persistence:

- I’m Validator of

- I’m Validator of Ki Chain:

- I’m test-net validator of Cyber:

- I’m test-net validator of Solana:

- I’m test-net validator of Juno Network:

Also, I admin or creator of next groups:

- I’m active member of Cosmos Network Community:

- I’m evangelist of Cosmos Ecosystem:

- I’m Community advocate of Cosmostation:

- I’m active member of Kava Community:

- I’m active member of Starname Community:

- I’m active member of Secret Network community:

- I help to Persistence Community:

- I’m member of Cyber Community:

- I’m a navigator of Sputnik Network:

- I help to Robonomics Airlab Community:

- I’m resident of ForkLog:

- I help to Mina Protocol Community:
Also, I was making a video about Mina Protocol:

- I resident of S3XYBTC:

- I’m an organisator of the Validator Show on Cosmos TV:

- I help to project Aigents:

- I help to project Blind Dev:

Also I’m owner or admin in this groups:

And I think this is not the full list...
All my time is spending for it, and every day I work with thousands of people, and answering on mails, messages, and twitter/telegram/discord/medium… And I do it for free!
I never asked for any reward for all I did! And I never get any reward.
Just half of the last year, when I was spending by 10–12 hours in a day for Kava Community, I was getting support from Kava. It was helping me to pay for electricity and internet… But since beginning of this year Kava stop to support me, and I started spend less time for Kava Community, coz I needed to look for funds. I began to spend a time on different DeFi, and bullrun together with my experience bring me economical freedom, so I can do ever I want, don’t think about any reward, and also help to others…
And also, one time Tendermint was sending me 25 ATOM to support my enthusiasm:

And I was delegated it, to support Cosmos Network. Never sell the ATOM!

I really appreciate to Tendermint, that they supported my enthusiasm, but to be true, 25 ATOM is nothing.

For the last month I send to Sri Lanka smartphone, laptop, 1TB SSD, to support local crypto-enthusiasts.
Also I send to Nigeria 2 smartphones, laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, PC with 23 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD + 1 TB HDD, with Nvida GTX 2060, and also Raspberry Pi400… And this is just a beginning. I want to open computing class in Nigeria and Sri Lanka, to give to the people free education with high technologies. And 25 ATOM is really nice! If I sell it now, I can buy two Raspberry Pi400 with mouses and keyboards, and send it to Nigeria…And If I will do it later, when price of ATOM will be higher, I also will have possibilities to buy two monitors for this funds!
Also I create a lot of video content about different projects from Cosmos Ecosystem, and I pay for video-operator, editing video and translation of subs from my own funds. And 25 ATOM is equal to funds, that I spend on one video now…

So, because of it I was writing to Catdotfish: “You just don’t know what I do”

After it I was kicked out from the main Telegram group of Cosmos Network.
And 80% of my life is around this project. And to help to many people, I need possibility to have an access to Main Cosmos Network Group.

So, I was thinking, that Catdotfish banned me, and I went to Discord of Cosmos Network to ask her to return me back.

At Discord of Cosmos Network I was writing her, that this is authoritarian behavior and decentralists don’t need to behave like this. I was totally sure, that Catdotfish banned me, and when she was writing, that she didn’t do it, I was writing, that she lie, and that I can proof it.

Catdotfish sent me a screenshot, that I was banned by bot, and she began to ask, how I can proof it? I began to write her, that I’m sorry, and that I was wrong. And ask her to return me back to TG of Cosmos Network. But Catdotfish was really angry, and kick out me from the Discord, so I can’t make a screenshots of that “dialogue”…

As the result, I lost access to 2 main social media of the project, that I support 80% of my time! For me it’s really important to have an access to Telegram and Discord, to manage all I do for the Cosmos Ecosystem.

And I did nothing bad! So, I wrote to Catdotfish in PM:

It was 19th of may, 13:12 CET, so, in “dialogue” in Discord was before this time. If someone cans, check #general channel at that time and screenshots our “discussion”.

Catdotfish still didn’t read my message to here…

So, I was thinking, that I just need to wait, when her mood will be better. Everybody has a right for bad mood.

2 days I wasn’t write her nothing, and at 21 of May, I wrote to IRIS Network group, and ask Daniela to return me back to TG and Discord of Cosmos Network. Here is our last “dialogue”:

Daniela used her power not in the interest of community, but for her own interests. And you can see by the “dialogue”, that she just want to find a consensus. She is glad to have a power to decide, who will be in group, and who will not. And she just doesn’t care, that I need access to groups not for me, but to help to Cosmos Ecosystem. I really love Cosmos Ecosystem!

And I already met such authoritarian behavior. But it was from the side of russian government! So, I was trying to explain her, that she does bad things not only for community, but also for herself, but she just banned me from the group of IRIS Network. And I help to IRIS! I was making Validator Show with IRIS Validators. I was paying for implementation of IRIS to — cool tool that helps to trade at Gravity DEX. Gives you actual prices for 18 different coins, not only to $, but to each other! For example, you can get price for such pairs like IRIS/AKT ot IRIS/IOV…

I was writing to Ken (another admin of IRIS group), with whom I’m in the good relations, because I was always helping and never asking nothing for it.
I’ve sent him screens of our “last dialogue” with Catdotfish and asked him to return me back to IRIS group.

But Ken is really afraid to do something, that Daniela can disagree!
He told me to create new telegram account (!) to join IRIS group again (!!), and be careful with words (!!!)
Ken was afraid, that Daniela can be in rage to him! I was shocked…

At that moment I understood, that Daniela became like a digital-Stalin in Cosmos Network. Stalin also was nice person, until he got a power and began to kill people. Of course, Daniela don’t kill nobody! And this is not about killing, but about authoritarian behavior. People in Soviet Union was also afraid that Stalin could be in rage to them.

I didn’t want to believe, that it can be like this, and I was trying to solve problems in the positive way. I asked to write to Cosmos Network TG an apply to return me back to group.

Daniela was ignoring apply, and when someone else was writing that I should be back, Daniela was answering: “I don’t think so.”

Next her phrase need to be: “Cosmos is Me!”

It was WOW-effect! I understood that we was thinking about preventing network centralization so much, that forgot to think about preventing community centralization.

We speak about Binance, but Binance never blocked somebody from the Cosmos Ecosystem. They just making money, and they don’t really cares to take the control under the Cosmos Network. They interested only in economical aspect, not in social aspect. Binance even never participating in the voting for proposals!

And now, imagine the situation, when somebody want to make a project on Cosmos Network and bring more value to Network, and developing Network, but someone block this person without any reasons, just because of bad mood…

Do we need to write in apply for grants to developing Cosmos Network, that potential risk is a bad mood of community admin?

How we want to create decentralized network for everyone, when one person can decide, who will get connection with community, and who will not?

And I wasn’t writing spam. And I wasn’t cheating with people. And I wasn’t doing nothing bad! And I’m a person who brings value to the Cosmos Ecosystem! And just because I care about Cosmos Ecosystem, I’m writing all of it now!

So, when I understood that the problem is much more bigger than “bad mood”, and problem is “uncontrollable person with a lot of power, who can decide what will be with other people”, I was going to Forum of Cosmos Network, to try to make attention for this problem.

I was writing this post:

And what do you think? It was deleted!

I’ve got this message:

Do you think that post was deleted, because I was writing something bad?
No! Here is what I was writing:

Can you find something bad in this post?
But I get message: “Your post was flagged as inappropriate: the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.”

Do you feel the post about preventing centralization offensive? Or maybe abusive?

Decentralization is the main goal of our community!
My post at forum wasn’t deleted because “the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines”.
My post was deleted because centralization of community already happens.
Because some people have too much power, and they use this power not in the interest of community, but in their own interest.

Power makes bad people from good people.

Never gives Power. I also will be bad person, if I will have Power.
I prefer to participate in decentralized structure together with equal to me people, than be a master for many idiot, or to be an idiot under control of master.

So, it was second WOW-effect for me.
I was trying to solve this problem by connecting Jack Zampolin, because he is really cool person, and he really cares about Cosmos Network. But it wasn’t solve the problem. Jack was telling me, that Daniela will return me back to TG and Discord in 2 days, and if not, I need to write again…

But this is dictatorship!
This is totally the same like a Russian government!
At first they arrest person for nothing, and give to person 3 years in prison.
After people began to protest against dictatorship. They protest peaceful, but protest a lot.
Government see the protest and tells: “Ok, not 3 years but one year!”
And people need to be happy!
This is true story…

Who gave to Daniela rights to ban me from TG and Discord group of Cosmos Network, from IRIS group and after delete my posts on forum without any reasons? Nobody was giving her such rights! She took this rights by herself! In the process of doing a lot of good and useful things for community, but also, by didn’t giving to somebody else take her place of “community angel saver”.

She wrote that she is full of answering at TG, Discord, Twitter, etc, but she don’t give to help her! And she block all people, who can potentially began to help her, and take a part of her power!

She centralize a big part of social activity on herself, and nice that she is not developer, other way Cosmos Network will have only one developer…

So, I also was writing to some people from IRIS. It didn’t give any result, and I understood that only I can do, is to make this situation public and began “digital strike”.

I stop to support Cosmos Network and IRIS, until Daniela brings public apology for her authoritarian behavior.

If in Cosmostation group, or in Cosmos Russian group, or in IRIS Russian group, or in any other groups, somebody will ask me any questions about Cosmos or IRIS — I will send such people to Daniela. She blocked me, so how I can help to people, if I even haven’t access to main groups?

I undelegate my IRIS:

I undelegate my ATOM:

If Catdotfish will not brings public apology for her authoritarian behavior before the end of unbonding period, I will send 25 ATOM (that I got from Tendermint) to Daniela. I think she needs it more than me.
Psychotherapists are expansive in our days…

If you don’t understand something, feel free to write me in Telegram:

I care about what’s happening. I ready to spend my time to find a solution how to create new decentralized world!

Pray to Code!

Daniela, you are very strong person! You can defeat your EGO!
And happiness will comes to you)



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