Because I care about Cosmos Ecosystem, and want to prevent centralization. Not only centralization of the Network, but also centralization of social power in community.
All your conclusions are false and based on a misunderstanding of what is happening.
When I tell that Binance is a threat of centralization — it’s not my personal problem with CZ.
When I tell that Putin regime is authoritarian — it’s not my personal problem with Putin.

Looks like you don’t read article good, because I have provided all the evidence of Daniela’s authoritarian behavior, and how she uses her power for personal interests, and contrary to the interests of the community and the project.

The fact that any dictator has his own followers and admirers is no secret to anyone. I have never seen people take to the streets with a portrait of Stalin…

If the Cosmos Ecosystem is really dear to you, and this is more than buy and sell for you … If for you decentralization is not an empty word, but the meaning of life, then pay attention to the level of centralization of power in Daniela’s hands.

The fact that you write some kind of curses to me speaks only of the weakness of your position. Since all your arguments are based on blind worship. And my arguments were confirmed not only by screen shots, but also by the fact that I was removed from the Cosmos group for no reason, banned in Discord Cosmos, and for no reason banned in the Kepler group. Despite the fact that I bring a lot of benefits to both the project and the community. Nor do I receive any reward for this, nor do I ask for anything in return. And I’m not complaining that I’m tired)

I hope you will open your eyes to what‘s’s happening.
Well, if you will not open it — you will lick the cat’s fish 🤷🏼

And I want to decentralize this world, not to create dictatorship on the blockchain. Wish you a good day)