1. you can see screenshots of discussion. And screenshots clearly shows that Daniela was aggressive without any reasons.
  2. I wasn’t aggressive, and was very nice. You can see it on screenshots too.
  3. Also, at screenshots you can see, that I wasn’t attack nobody.
  4. At the beginning of article, if you will see the reason, why I make this situation public. This is my duty — to prevent centralization. And for me is not important — threat of centralization goes from Binance, from Putin, or from Daniela.
  5. When you ask me to hide a problem, you become an accomplice of the problem. It is the duty of the community members to talk about threats to the community. Whoever is the threat.
  6. What means “leave the woman alone”? If person use power in own interests, not in the interests of community — this is a problem of community. I don’t come to Daniela. I don’t want nothing from Daniela.
  • One time I was writing her in Discord, and ask to unban me in Telegeram. She banned me in Discord.
  • After, I was writing her to PM, and was asking to unban me in Telegram and Discord. She was ignoring my messages.
  • After I was writing her in IRIS group. She banned me in IRIS group.
  • After, one week I was trying to solve the problem with many different people, and Daniela only was answering, that she don’t want to return me to group.
  • After one week, I understand that Daniela has a great social power, and she can do anything she wants, and community don’t control her. I collect all proofs of centralization of social power in a hands of Daniela, and that she use this power not in the interest of community, but in her own interests.

And problem of centralization still not solved. Community still hasn’t any possibility to protect itself from admins. And now — you are only one more proof, that Authoritarian Power try to hide the real problem.
Now, Daniela told to everybody, that she banned me, because I wrote an article, but this is a lie.
She banned me before.
And article — just a possibility to protect community from authoritarian behavior of Daniels.
If she so good, as you think, she should unban me in Telegram when I was asking her in Discord. One week before I wrote an article.
Or she should unban me, after I wrote her in IRIS group.
But she showed that she can do anything she wants, and don’t care about nothing!

I will write one article more about Daniela, and that she send to me her fanatics, and try to hide the proofs of her authoritarian behavior.
I have more and more proofs. And I will public all of them.

We need to solve this problem. And don’t matter — is this problem Putin, Binance or Daniela.

Wish you the best)