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Interchain P2P-exchange, DeFi in Telegram, and Market of Usable NFTs

5 min readFeb 11, 2021

The launch of the IBC-protocol will completely change the appearance and the structure of the Cosmos Ecosystem. This means that we also need to keep up with the changes!

As you may have noticed, in addition to $KAVA, $HARD and $USDX, three new coins have appeared in KavaTipBot: $ATOM, $IOV and $SCRT.
This innovation turns our bot into an inter-chain tool, that helps users quickly and conveniently exchange tokens from different chains of the Cosmos Ecosystem.
Since we are no longer a bot that specializes only in the Kava-chain, we decided to re-brand KavaTipBot, to match the capabilities we provide to users.
At the same time, we don’t stop supporting the Kava community, and soon all tokens, that are available on the Kava-chain, will be available in the bot.
In the near future, our bot will turn into a real DeFi-tool, that will help users not only send, receive and exchange tokens, but also earn with the liquidity providing!

We started our journey in the summer of 2020, and we ourselves didn’t expect such rapid development: in half a year (with the support of Brian Kerr, great thanks to him), KavaTipBot turned from an ordinary tip-bot, that allows users to send and receive $KAVA in Twitter, into a real p2p-exchange with 30 (!) trading pairs, and 5000+ registered users (700+ of which are regular users).
We organised a huge number of different events, that create a community of creative and active people around KavaTipBot. And our community is our main value!
We’re sure, that after the re-branding, our community will grow even more, as people from the Cosmos Network, Starname and Secret Network communities will join us!

What will happen with KavaTipBot?

KavaTipBot will fade into the background, and Sputnik will appear in its place!

Sputnikis the first artificial spacecraft launched into Earth orbit on October 4, 1957

A Sputnik is that which has the same path with you.
On the endless expanses of Cosmos, the Sputnik is with you along the way!
We will not only provide the usual functionality for receiving, sending and exchanging funds, but also help you understand the Cosmos Ecosystem and find your place in it.

Here is a list of the changes that will occur during the re-branding:

  • The launching of new website sputnik.exchange
    (the old website kavatipbot.com will continue to function, the data of old users will be completely transferred, they will be able to use both sites on equal terms)
  • In the near future, the sputnik.exchange website will get a new design and an updated UI, with functionality that kavatipbot.com didn’t have
  • A new SPUTNIK twitter-account is launched
    (the old KavaTipBot twitter-account will continue to exist, but will stop posting news)
  • To send a tip in Twitter, you’ll need to use the format:
    <@username> <amount><currency> #sputnik
    (old format <@username> <amount> <currency> #kavatipbot will continue to function)
  • Now you can send six types of tokens:
    atom, hard, iov, kava, scrt, usdx
  • A new SPUTNIK community group in Telegram, where you can always ask any questions, as well as join the project to find your place in the Cosmos Ecosystem
    (the old KavaTipBot group will continue to exist, but its activity will decrease)
  • A new telegram-channel SPUTNIK DISH, where you will find news about upcoming events, challenges and vacancies for users, and also information about offers in the p2p-exchange
  • A new telegram-channel TELESCOPE, where you will find memes, gifs, videos and different art about the Sputnik activities
  • The telegram-bot Sputnik will start functioning, which will help you receive, send and exchange $ATOM, $HARD, $IOV, $KAVA, $SCRT, $USDX
    (the old bot KavaTipBot will redirect you to https://t.me/SputnikNetworkBot)
  • When sending funds from the Starname.me, Cosmostation Wallet App, or any other service that supports *starnames, you can input *sputnik instead of the receiving address
    (but do not forget to input the memo of your account! You can always find out the memo of your account on the sputnik.exchange website, or in the Sputnik telegram-bot)
  • Nice bonus: a new telegram-stickerpack Sputnik

Sputnik Roadmap

We’ve already come a long way, but there is even more new and interesting ahead of us! And we want to share with you our plans for the future:

Q3–2020 (Everything is done):
- Launching a bot that can send and receive $KAVA in Twitter
- Creation of digital infrastructure: website, social networks, etc…
- Community development around the project

Q4–2020 (Everything is done):
- Implementation of Telegram in the bot functionality
- Updating the website UI with the possibility to combine Telegram and Twitter accounts
- Adding $HARD and $USDX to the bot functionality
- Updating the website UI for $HARD and $USDX

- Implementation of the p2p-exchange in the telegram-bot functionality (Done)
- Adding $ATOM, $IOV, $SCRT to the bot functionality (Done)
- Bot re-branding (In progress)
- Updating the website UI for $ATOM, $IOV, $SCRT (In progress)
- New website design (In progress)
- Implementation of the Starname service with the ability to receive and send funds to *starnames (In progress)
- Updating the website UI with the possibility to combine Telegram and Twitter accounts with Starname service (In progress)
- Creating the Market of Usable NFTs by adding the functionality to sell&buy already registered *starnames into the p2p-exchange (In progress)
- Integration with BrightID service (In progress)

- Adding $BNB
- Adding Kava-chain tokens: $BNB, $BTCB, $BUSD, $XRPB to the bot functionality
- Updating the website UI for $ BNB, $BTCB, $BUSD, $XRPB
- Implementation of the liquidity pool to the p2p-exchange, that will allow users to earn with the liquidity providing
- Updating the website UI for managing the liquidity pool
- Adding the possibility to trade secret tokens sSCRT in a p2p-exchanger
- Adding $BAND, $CYB and $IRIS to the bot functionality

- Implementation of Discord into the bot functionality
- Adding $CTK, $AKT, $LUNA, $RUNE, $OKT, $XPRT and other tokens of the Cosmos Ecosystem projects (At the first, we’ll add projects, that will support us)
- Decentralization of bot functionality: launching a test-net of Cosmos SDK based blockchain with an IBC module
- Implementation of Keplr Wallet for fast and secure access to the blockchain
- Integration with Cosmostation Wallet App for the convenience of mobile users

- Launch of the main-net and token-distribution among the test-net participants, the most active members of the Cosmos Ecosystem, and among the projects that support us

As you can see, our journey is just beginning! And we’re glad that we will walk this path together)

Written by Vladimir Understanding (Sputnik Navigator)
Feel free to ask me anything:
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We are full-time enthusiasts! Any your help will only speed up the implementation of the Roadmap.