We’ve received a signal from the Sputnik!

What will happen with KavaTipBot?

  • The launching of new website sputnik.exchange
    (the old website kavatipbot.com will continue to function, the data of old users will be completely transferred, they will be able to use both sites on equal terms)
  • In the near future, the sputnik.exchange website will get a new design and an updated UI, with functionality that kavatipbot.com didn’t have
  • A new SPUTNIK twitter-account is launched
    (the old KavaTipBot twitter-account will continue to exist, but will stop posting news)
  • To send a tip in Twitter, you’ll need to use the format:
    <@username> <amount><currency> #sputnik
    (old format <@username> <amount> <currency> #kavatipbot will continue to function)
  • Now you can send six types of tokens:
    atom, hard, iov, kava, scrt, usdx
  • A new SPUTNIK community group in Telegram, where you can always ask any questions, as well as join the project to find your place in the Cosmos Ecosystem
    (the old KavaTipBot group will continue to exist, but its activity will decrease)
  • A new telegram-channel SPUTNIK DISH, where you will find news about upcoming events, challenges and vacancies for users, and also information about offers in the p2p-exchange
  • A new telegram-channel TELESCOPE, where you will find memes, gifs, videos and different art about the Sputnik activities
  • The telegram-bot Sputnik will start functioning, which will help you receive, send and exchange $ATOM, $HARD, $IOV, $KAVA, $SCRT, $USDX
    (the old bot KavaTipBot will redirect you to https://t.me/SputnikNetworkBot)
  • When sending funds from the Starname.me, Cosmostation Wallet App, or any other service that supports *starnames, you can input *sputnik instead of the receiving address
    (but do not forget to input the memo of your account! You can always find out the memo of your account on the sputnik.exchange website, or in the Sputnik telegram-bot)
  • Nice bonus: a new telegram-stickerpack Sputnik

Sputnik Roadmap

As you can see, our journey is just beginning! And we’re glad that we will walk this path together)

We are full-time enthusiasts! Any your help will only speed up the implementation of the Roadmap.



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