$UNIT tokenomics

Economical token of Decentralized Digital PostState

Vladimir Ponimajushij
10 min readMar 14


$UNIT — Token of Economic Interaction

During the POSTHUMAN blockchain testnet, $UNIT tokenomics can be changed!
This is not the final version!
The final version of $UNIT tokenomics will be published after a successful completion of the testnet!

Usability of $UNIT

  • Payment of transaction fees within the network
  • Creation of Liquidity Pools
  • Providing of liquidity
  • Creation of Personal Tokens
  • Proposal of Ideas for PostState Governance
  • Expression of dissatisfaction with PostState Governance or Accepted Proposals
  • Receipt of Unconditional Income

Creation and distribution of $UNIT

  • Max Supply of $UNIT — 100,000,000 (100 million), will be released with the launching of the POSTHUMAN Blockchain Main-net
  • 1 $UNIT = 1,000,000 $uUNIT
  • Part of $UNIT will be distributed among $PHMN holders (those who hold $PHMN in DAS);
    Part will be distributed among stakers and liquidity providers of various projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem;
    Part will be distributed among Ethereum and Massa Network users;
    Part will be distributed among developers, ambassadors, contributors, and testers;
  • The main part of $UNIT will be sent to the PostState Budget.
    The amount of $UNIT will decrease annually.
    Every year, $UNIT from the PostState Budget will be burned.
    The amount of $UNIT that will be burned will be equal to the amount of $UNIT in Free Circulation ($UNIT that is not held in the PostState, not in liquidity pools)
  • $UNIT will not have inflation, the amount of $UNIT will decrease until there is no $UNIT left in the PostState Budget

Initial $UNIT Distribution

Initially, 100,000,000 $UNIT (100% of the Maximum Supply) will be created and distributed among the following categories: