Two airdrops for ATOM holders! Fast guide!

How to check $OSMO, and how to get $ROWAN

Vladimir Ponimajushij
3 min readFeb 22, 2021


Hello, friends!
This is fast guide, how to:
- Check airdrop from OSMOSIS
- Get airdrop from Sifchain

Links to full information — at the end of guide. Here is just actions!
Let’s go!

Check airdrop from OSMOSIS

You will need:
- Cosmos-address with $ATOM, that you was delegated before 06:00 UTC, 18th of February, 2021
- Keplr Wallet extension for Google Chrome

Add extention to your browser. After it, click on the Keplr-icon at the up-right corner of browser. It’s very easy, but if you’ve met with problems, check full guide from amazing Catdotfish

Import mnemonic of your cosmos-address to Keplr Wallet.

  1. Click “Import existing account
  2. Input “24 words”. If you don’t have mnemonic from your address — it’s not your address!
  3. Input any “Account Name”. Any you want! It’s not important.
  4. Click “Next”.

That’s all with Keplr for now.

Go to web-page

Open Keplr Wallet extension, and be sure that you choose “Cosmos

Click on “Connect Wallet”:

You will see, how much $OSMO you will get after launching of OSMOSIS main-net.

That’s all with checking of the first airdrop, now, let’s go to the second!

Get airdrop from Sifchain

You will need:
- 0.005 $ATOM at your balance + 0.002 $ATOM to pay transaction fee
- Twitter account
- Keplr Wallet you already have)

  1. Open Keplr Wallet extension, and choose “Sifchain”, not “Cosmos”. You will see your sfi-address. Copy it.
  2. Go to Twitter and create tweet. In tweet must be:
    (!) Your sfi-address, that you copied from Keplr
    (!!) Add: @sifchain #Sif $ROWAN
    (!!!) Add picture, that you need to download from Sifchain Google Drive

After it, open Keplr Wallet:

  1. Switch “Sifchain” to “Cosmos
  2. Click “Send
  3. Recipient address is:
  4. Amount: 0.005
  5. Memo is important! You need to input <your twitter account>:<your sfi-address>
    For example:
    - my twitter account is:
    - my sif-address is: sif1hyjhy0tp6geral2g9vj9nyteglf8t5q4vxj9q7
    In memo I need to write: ponimajushij:sif1hyjhy0tp6geral2g9vj9nyteglf8t5q4vxj9q7
  6. Choose fee. I was choosing “Average” — 0.002 $ATOM
  7. Click “Send
  8. Check details. Don’t forget the memo! And click “Approve”.

That’s all! If you did everything right, you will get $ROWAN on your sfi-address, one week after the Sifchain public token sale ends.
Official Token Sale End Date: Friday, February 26, 6:00 am GMT

Here is the video-guide:

You can check full information about OSMOSIS airdrop here.

You can check full information about Sifchain airdrop here.

Instruction created by Vladimir Ponimajushij:
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