Two airdrops for ATOM holders! Fast guide!

How to check $OSMO, and how to get $ROWAN

Links to full information — at the end of guide. Here is just actions!
Let’s go!

Check airdrop from OSMOSIS

  1. Click “Import existing account
  2. Input “24 words”. If you don’t have mnemonic from your address — it’s not your address!
  3. Input any “Account Name”. Any you want! It’s not important.
  4. Click “Next”.

Get airdrop from Sifchain

  1. Open Keplr Wallet extension, and choose “Sifchain”, not “Cosmos”. You will see your sfi-address. Copy it.
  2. Go to Twitter and create tweet. In tweet must be:
    (!) Your sfi-address, that you copied from Keplr
    (!!) Add: @sifchain #Sif $ROWAN
    (!!!) Add picture, that you need to download from Sifchain Google Drive
  1. Switch “Sifchain” to “Cosmos
  2. Click “Send
  3. Recipient address is:
  4. Amount: 0.005
  5. Memo is important! You need to input <your twitter account>:<your sfi-address>
    For example:
    - my twitter account is:
    - my sif-address is: sif1hyjhy0tp6geral2g9vj9nyteglf8t5q4vxj9q7
    In memo I need to write: ponimajushij:sif1hyjhy0tp6geral2g9vj9nyteglf8t5q4vxj9q7
  6. Choose fee. I was choosing “Average” — 0.002 $ATOM
  7. Click “Send
  8. Check details. Don’t forget the memo! And click “Approve”.

Everything I’ve wrote — is my personal experience.
Nobody pay me for this! I live with donations!



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