or “Why I can’t study Telepathy?”

Brain — the most protected place in a body of human.

Brain needs to be protected from every kinds of outside signals. Not from organs of feelings!

Because of it, we don’t feel radiation.
Alice can’t send signal to Bob by radiation, if Bob haven’t Geiger counter. Or anything, that can detect radiation.

Alice can send signal to Bob, only if Bob can detect this signal.

If Bob can’t detect signal from Alice — he can’t understand what Alice wants from Bob.🤷
For Bob, signals of Alice — is nothing!🙅

We are connected be memory about eachother. Alice keeps memory about Bob, Bob keeps memory about Carol. Of course Bob keeps memory about Alice, too. Alice and Carol always remember about eachother.

I’m — distrebuted. I’m not only in my phisical body, but also in brains of all other people, who i ever met.

But it’s not a telepathy!

Telepathy means, that Alice can send to Bob any signal, but just thinking about it.
I can send “sound”. But, to speak — it’s not telepathy.

I can send “picture”. But it’s also not telepathy.

What telepathy is?

Which kinds of signal are “telepathy”?

Now, i send to all of you my minds by digital way. You will read it, and — is it telepathy?

So, why telepathy dosen’t exist?

Theoretical experiment:
Alice is in a one place. Bob is in another place.
Alice “studies” telepathy for 10 years.
Bob “studies” telepathy for 10 years.
10 years later, somebody will ask Alice: “Alice, can you send Telepathy signal to Bob? He also was studying telepathy for 10 years!”

Alice and Bob will never get any good resault.

Alice will never understand, what’s in Bob’s head.
If Alice will try to explain to Bob: what’s in her head by: phisical, emotional, or verbal signals — Bob maybe will understand Alice. But if Alice will just thinking, and Bob will be just thinking — they will never understand eachother. 🤷
They can try very hard, but they will never understand: “what’s in the head of other person”, — just thinking about it.
So, because of it — it’s impossible to study telepathy.

It’s not exist by this way.
We can create telepathy with interplanetary file system (IPFS), and with neuro-interfaces/chips, that will get signals from brain, convert it to digital signal, and keep it in the distrebuted cloud. In the Great Web!
Also, neuro-interfaces/chips will keep information about others. And everybody can find any information, that in the Great Web. Everybody can get information about anybody, because everybody keeps information of anybody.
In this case, you just need to send your minds into the Great Web, and everybody will know everything you know.
This is Telepathy.

And Cyber already begin to create it!

Original: https://ai.cybercongress.ai/t/telepathy-not-exist-but-we-will-create-it/90