Starname: the early bird of mass adoption

Starname is much more than Cosmos SDK based blockchain!
It’s gravity inside the Cosmos Ecosystem!

For the last several month I was helping to Starname Community, and I want to share with you spontaneous dialogue, that took place in the group of IOV price discussions.

Why would anyone one want/need to use a straname, that’s the question?

Everybody needs it, because it’s very important for implementation of crypto to common life!
Non-crypto users very afraid of “long addresses”. And Starname — is like a PayPal for crypto!
Fast, easy, one time you add addresses, and no more problems!
It’s cool for NGO, for crowdfunding, for people internet-marketing…
Starname has a big future, because it’s cross-chain service!
For example, this is my profile:*posthuman
You can send me some crypto! It’s very easy! For what?
Because it’s cool to make a gifts!
If you will check all my addresses — you will see a lot of small transactions to different people!
I always make small gifts for people, and it makes me more happy)

I have to say it looks cool, but why it’s not being used by masses?
Is it too expensive? Why is the price of IOV so low?

Wow-wow-wow! Not so fast! Starname is very young project!
It’s the same, like in 2007, tell to people: YouTube is cool! Why not everybody watch it?
IOV listed less than 3 month ago!
Now you have a chance to buy it for very cheap price!
Wait for a year, and you will ask yourself: “Why I was telling about small price, but didn’t buy so much, as I can?
Show me the project, that had a big price in the first 2–3 month of listing.
Do you remember when PayPal begin to exist?
I remember! It was really small payment service, that cost nothing… PayPal spend 10 years, to became a giant! Starname will do it in 1–2 years!

I though prices are driven by starname demand, it is just tell me there is no demand from existing users at all…
By demand I mean not token-IOV, but the service of starnames.

Price will be grew up when a lot of people will understand that Starname exist!
Also, a lot of market-speculations, now.
So, people buy IOV, swap it to WIOV, after sell it on Uniswap… They create a circulation, to earn more… But this is short-terms benefits. Real profit you will get not with trading, but with staking.
Delegate your IOV, and you will get 20% in a year, for this moment!
You buy 10.000 IOV now, after one year — you will have 12.000 IOV.
But now IOV is 0.02–0.03.
And in 1 year it will be 0.2–0.3.
To trade IOV now, and get benefits, you need to buy-sell 100.000 IOV for each transfer. This is not really works.
For price manipulation better choose other project.
Also, just wait for the Market of Starnames!
It also will be implemented to p2p-exchange of
And you will trade Starnames like an NFT-tokens!
I already bought for myself more than 20 different Starnames!
I paid for starname *decentralization — only 2$
I will sell this starname on a market in 100–150 times more! For 200$ or 300$
Maybe i keep it for myself)

How many starnames already exist? And where the benefits of having 20 starnames? Can we resell them?

Yes! You can sell it right now, but manually.
For example, somebody wants name *trumpsucks, but you already bought this name.
Just don’t be “common trader” and look at IOV not like at price speculation, but like at “service of domains”.
Already now, you can make an advertising: If you want to buy this name, i can sell it for you!
One time you buy starname, you are owner of it!
This starname will be at your star-address, like an NFT-token. And you can send it to any other star-address.
Platform for trading Starnames will be very soon, just wait a little bit.
Remember — Starname is very-very young!
Compare it with human — Starname just eat mother-milk, crying and producing shit! But in one year — Starname will go by itself. And in 3 years — it will be small individual!

Can I buy *tesla or *google?

This names already bought by clever people, who don’t trade IOV, but use it for buying Starnames)))

Ok, got it…

To check availability of Starname, use*<name>
Instead of <name> input starname, that you want, and you will see, is it free or not.
Other way, use this explorer for starnames:
You can search by starname, or by star-address, and see, who is owner of starnames…

Are you one of the original team?

I’m a community advocate.
I help to Starname, because it’s a part of Cosmos Ecosystem. And we create services for Cosmos Ecosystem!
In near time I will run Starname-validator.
So, I’m not the root-developer, but I’m interesting in Starname so much, that i ready to spend my life to develop this project)

Last question, this staking thin , is it time limited or will it be as long as you are staking? The reason I am asking, is because token will be created indefinitely!

You get reward with every new block.
More people stake IOV — less reward for staking — less volatility of IOV — bigger price of IOV.
Less people staking IOV — more inflation, and more reward for staking.
In situation when 100% of IOV will be staked — volatility will be 0%, and price will be Infinity!
This is how staking works in all Cosmos SDK based blockchains.

So, the listing of IOV was a bad move, they should wait for the Market of Starnames, or pushed mass adoption by giving away starnames for key players to get it known.
Speculations are killing the value of IOV…

Not really bad, because listing is for easy way to buy.
But speculators use it for easy way to sell)
So, speculators killing price of all crypto-projects…
For example — you are early investor. You was buying IOV for small price. You was buying it not to use project, but to sell it, when you will get x5-x10.
When listing is coming, big investors sell big amount of tokens, to get profit.
Because of it, most of projects dump at the beginning.
But this is a way of token distribution from big players to small players)
For any crypto-project better to have 1 million investors by 1$ each, that 1 investor with 1.000.000$ investment!
Because small players will never sell all crypto in one time…
And big investor will do it, when will get x5-x10.

Thank you Post Human for your very true analysis… I’m an early and important contributor to this project, and I can confirm — I will NOT sell any single token before seeing at least 10 times the current price! I don’t invest in such project to do 20%… I would prefer total write off of the investment, than selling at 0.02…

Me to Person-B:
So, staking for you is perfect!
Choose Cosmostation Wallet.
Very fast and easy to delegate, claim reward and reinvest!

A lot of my IOV are staked…. some are with Cosmostation….

Person-A to Person-B:
Can you qualify x10? Is it 0.2?

Person-B to Person-A:
Yes at least as a minimum… but my target is 1 euro even if it may take 3 years!
Cosmostation has 150.000 IOV for me… and i will increase soon this number)

Me to Person-B:
Great! The same with me))

Is 1 euro achievable given the team progress?
Also, I checked trading volume in Bilaxy it is around 200k, that’s not a lot to disturb prices, I think prices are low because of lack of liquidity…

Me to Person-A:
Price will grew, when project will grew.
It can’t be: we just 2 month on a market, and our price is 10.000$
So, 1 euro it can be any time. But price is directly connected to staking.
If 70% of all IOV will be staked — it means that price will be much more than 1 euro.

I do not see any connection.
If everyone stake, there no demand, no liquidity, prices will be over inflated…

For example — I want to buy IOV, and you tell to me: “I will not sell IOV, because I stake it, and it gives me profit! For what I need to sell it, if it works for me just with staking?”
And I begin to ask: “Please, sell me something! I also want to stake!”
You answer: “Ok! But only 100 IOV, and by price of 1$ for 1 IOV.”
You will not sell, if to stake is profitable for you.
You will sell, if it will not be profitable.
Now — cool moment! People don’t understand how Starname works.
Only 25.000 starnames registered.
People don’t see this cool possibilities — to register starname before others.
I registered a lot, because I’m deep in crypto. Look at names, that I was registered!
For example: *fuckyou
This is perfect name to sell!
I’m sure, somebody will buy this name for 500$-1000$
And now I pay only 2$ to register it!
But I’m long-term investor, and I don’t looking for fast profit.
Fast profit always hand to hand with fast lost…
And long-term investment — is really profitable!
People, who wasn’t selling Bitcoin by 10.000, and didn’t do it for 15000$, will not sell it for 25.000$
We know, HODL — is the best strategy!
And Starname is not a project for one day, like a different food-coins…
In one year you will forget about all food-tokens. But Starname — will be everywhere!
Team is working on project every day!
Just look at the list of projects, that support Starname!
It grew up with every week!
And Cosmos Ecosystem — is more than 100 projects!
Only capitalization of ATOM more than 1 billion!
BAND — near 200 millions. KAVA —near 100 millions! Secret Network and IRIS — each near 50 millions…
All this projects already use Starname Service!
And ATOM — 3 years old.
BAND and KAVA— less than 1,5 year old.
Secret Network — 3 month old!

Wow potential is even bigger than I thought!

That’s top…

Person-A to Person-B:
Are you an early investor?

Person-B to Person-A:

Person-A to Person-B:
Are you part of the team as well?

Person-B to Person-A:
No, by the way I’ve seen that Facemelter has put IOV in his key portfolio.

Person-A to Person-B:
Who is Facemelter, what is it?

Person-B to Person-A:
One of the main blockchain influencer… he is doing regular ama.

We just need to wait, when mass adoption will come, and it’s very near!
PayPal already implement BTC and ETH. But it will not help to PayPal. They need to do it before 2017. Now is to late for them. Now, Binance is bigger than PayPal)
And show me any other crypto-service, that’s care about fast and easy adoption for different crypto payment without 100 difficult addresses?
I don’t know any other projects, just Starname.
So, Market is empty, and we already begin to fill it)
And every time, somebody implement IOV — price of IOV became bigger!
Cosmostation Wallet — implement IOV.
Keplr Wallet — implement IOV.
We will add IOV to
It means that people can use IOV for marketing, Community Support and like a DeFi tool…

Person-B to Me:
What do you think about

This is interesting, but this is not a part of Cosmos Ecosystem.
This is not really the same, but nice that you show it!
They don’t have a token. This project not a property of all users. No chance to change something by wish of the Community.
In Starname we can create proposals, and vote for proposals.
The project is own by IOV-holders, not by the group of developers.

Person-B to Me:
Thanks for the answer. Very interesting! The group of Cosmos Network is very active on telegram with 10K users.

Cosmos Ecosystem grew very fast, and Starname is a glue for Ecosystem!
So, I glad that we have a chance to buy IOV by small price)
Yesterday I was buying 20.000 IOV
I will run validator, and I will get 20% this year, and after profit will less, because more people will stake IOV.
But I will get % in IOV, not in $.
And price speculations is not really profitable… Buy for 1000$, and sell for 1100$. After buy for 1100 and sell for 1210. And for a year they will do it 10 times, and will get 2500–3000 from 1000 in a year, if they really feel the market. 80% of them will lose half of price, because of greed and fear… And staker will not care for a one year about price. In one year, price of staked asset can grew up in 5–10 times + staker will get reward for staking!
No stress. Staker don’t care about volatility!)

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