Snapshot for $PHMN StakeDrop Q3–2022 was made!

Friends, we are going by the RoadMap!

Governance-NFT drop will be directly after the $PHMN-StakeDrop-Q3–2022 (~ 10–11 of October)
Here is a guide how to claim StakeDrop Q3–2022

After sending of magic transaction, you will need to wait until 10th of October!
$PHMN will appear on your juno-address at 10th of October, after we finished to collect magic transactions!

Google sheet with information about dates of Snapshots for StakeDrop Q3–2022

With the StakeDrop Q3–2022 will be distributed 4000 $PHMN (3.1% of Max Supply)

1600 $PHMN will be distributed among $PHMN-holders (those people who are holding $PHMN in DAS)

2400 $PHMN will be distributed among POSTHUMAN individual delegators, and individual delegators of DVS validator in Comdex and Umee.

$PHMN-holders who are holding $PHMN in DAS will get their $PHMN automatically!

Individual Delegators will need to send magic transaction to receive their part of StakeDrop Q3–2022.
Individual Delegators will have 2 weeks to claim their part of StakeDrop Q3–2022.

9th of October 2022 — is the last day to claim StakDrop Q3–2022

All not claimed $PHMN will be distributed among Individual Delegators who claimed StakeDrop Q3–2022

To claim StakeDrop Q3–2022, we create very simple UI on our web-page:

Here is a guide how to claim StakeDrop Q3–2022

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in Community Chats:


Directly after the finishing of StakeDrop Q3–2022, we also will send Governance-NFTs, that will improve Decentralized Governance of POSTHUMAN validator!

Very soon, $PHMN-holders who own Governance-NFTs, will be able to participate in the Decentralized Governance on the different levels:
- Change the name/logo of validator
- Distribute funds from the Treasury
- Change commissions of validator in different Networks
- Vote to join new Network
- Vote to leave validated Network
- Transfer liquidity (or part of liquidity) from to any other DEX
- Create new pools with $PHMN
And many other possibilities to improve POSTHUMAN validator and make it REALLY DECENTRALIZED VALIDATOR!

Full information about the process of the Decentralization of POSTHUMAN validator will be published in near 2–3 weeks!

And some insides:
- We will launch own blockchain for POSTHUMAN validator to improve Decentralized Governance
- $PHMN-holders will be eligible to receive airdrop of new blockchain
- We will launch POSTHUMAN-SWAG shop (t-shirts, bags, hoodies, caps, patches and so on…) where all prices will be in $PHMN



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