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Not Nano X

6 min readAug 6, 2021

Hello, friends!

This is full guide, how to stake $MINA using Ledger Nano S (not Nano X)

Also, you can easily stake $MINA even without Ledger!
Use guide:
How to stake MINA | Full guide How to delegate in Mina Protocol

At first, you need to install Mina App on your Ledger Nano S

To install Mina App, you don’t need to use Ledger Live, and process of installation depends of your operation system: Linux, Windows or MacOS

Use official documentation from Mina Protocol developers for it!

Since the Mina Protocol appeared quite recently, the developers at Ledger haven’t yet managed to implement the Mina App in Ledger Live. But they was promising that they will do it soon.
And the developers at Mina Protocol not only created the App, but even passed the audit of Mina Ledger Application!

After the installation of Mina App, you will see this:

Press left and right button on your Ledger together, and you will see this:

  1. Press left and right button, to approve that you want to use app, that is installed not with Ledger Live
  2. Press left and right button, to open Mina App on your Ledger
  3. If you see the Mina Protocol logo and “Mina is ready” — everything is great!

Now, you can connect Ledger to browser extension Auro Wallet, it’s open source, and created by community members of Mina!

How to install Auro Wallet, you will find in my first guide

Connect Ledger to Auro Wallet

After the installation of Auro Wallet extension — launch it!
New window will opens in the top-right corner of your browser:

  1. You can pin extension, and you will see the Auro Wallet icon at the top-right corner of your browser
  2. Click on “wallet icon” in the top-right corner to manage your accounts
  3. You can create new account, import existing account, or connect Ledger. Click on “Ledger”
  4. You will be asked to give a name to your Ledger account. It can be anything. In my example I called account “Ledger-Mina
  5. After click on “Next” button

At the left-top corner will be opened new window:

  1. You will be asked to connect your Ledger to the PC
  2. You will be asked to open the Mina App on your Ledger
  3. After you will finished Step 1 and Step 2 — click on “Next
  4. New window will be opened, and you need to select Nano S
  5. After Nano S is selected, click on “Connect

(!!!) Make sure that Mina App is launched on your Ledger

6. After you will see green marks with “V” at Step 1 and Step 2 — click on “Next

Window of Auro Wallet will opens at the top-right part of screen:

  1. Click on “Import
  2. After it, your Ledger will show you “Get Address”. Press right button of Ledger, until you will see “Generate
  3. Press left and right button, to generate account in Auro Wallet with Ledger
  4. Ledger will show you “Processing…” — just wait a little bit…

Congratulations! Your account is created!
In the window of Auro Wallet you will see this:

  1. Click on your Ledger account
  2. If you don’t have $MINA at your address, you can read this guide, to know how to top-up your balance.
    If you have $MINA at your address, you can stake it! Click on “Staking
  3. You will see the information about Epoch. Reward for staking $MINA is distributed to stakers by Block Producers, 1 time per Epoch.
    Click on “Go to Staking”

You will see the Block Producer List:

  1. A lot of really very good Block Producers (PB) in Mina Protocol. I also have my own favorite BP, that are really resposible, and bring a lot of value to the Network and Community!
    You can search for your favorite BP, but as we use Auro Wallet (for free and without any advertisement), it’s nice to be pleased, and stake with AURO.
    Click on BP to choose it.
  2. Click on “Next”, and you will see the Staking window.

You will see the name of BP and field for Memo.
Memo is a short form of Memory. You can write anything, or write nothing. It’s just to remember, for what you was doing this transaction.
For staking memo is not important

But! Never input your mnemonic into memo field!
And if centralized exchange ask to input memo to deposit funds— input directly that memo, that is asked. Don’t add nothing else!

3. Choose transaction fee: More fee — more faster transaction will be in the blockchain. We don’t really hurry for now)
Click on “Slow

4. Click on “Next

5. Check details! After you will send transaction — it will be forever in the blockchain. Nobody cans return it back… If everything is right, click on “Confirm

After you will see that your Ledger ask you to sing the transaction:

  1. Press right button
  2. Ledger will show you that the type of this transaction is “Delegation”.
    “To stake” and “to delegate” is the same.
    Press right button, until Ledger will ask you to approve the singing of transaction
  3. Press left and right button, to approve the singing
  4. Just wait a little bit…

If in new details window you will see “Successful” — congratulations! Now you are staker! Or delegator. How do you like it better)

  1. Click in “back-arrow” to return to staking menu. You will see not only the information about Epoch, but also - who is your Block Producer. Or Validator. Validator and Block Producer is the same in Mina Protocol.
  2. To see your transaction in the block explorer — click on “Query Details
  3. Click on “Home” to return to account menu
  4. Click on “Settings” to change language and several other parameters

If you will have any questions about Auro Wallet, feel free to ask them at:

To learn more about Mina Protocol solutions — watch the video “Blockchain in the Smartphone”:


Instruction created by Vladimir Understanding
If you find any mistake, write me:

Everything I’ve wrote — is my personal experience.
Nobody pay me for this! I‘m full-time enthusiast!