Sputnik Navigation System is successfully updated for Gravity DEX

Interchain Price Bot for Telegram

📡 We’ve received a signal from the Sputnik 🛰️

We created telegram-bot, that takes data of 14 different Cosmos Ecosystem tokens from CoinGecko.com, and sends it to any user in a convenient and understandable form.

Now, everybody can gets actual prices in one click for:

$AKT * $ATOM * $BAND * $BNB * $CTK * $DVPN * $HARD


More tokens coming soon!

Using the Sputnik Navigation is very easy!

  • You will see a list of tokens, that you can get information about. For example, let’s click on $XPRT.
    1) You will get actual information about price of $XPRT in $, and 24 hours price change (wow-wow-wow! $XPRT gives +125% for the last 24 hours!).
    And you will see the prices of $XPRT to 13 other tokens!
    Sputnik Navigation will help you to trade on Gravity DEX!

2) If you click on “Url”-button, you will be redirect to web-page of project
3) If you click “Help”, you will get an information “How to use Bot”
4) If you click “Sputnik”, you will be redirected to Sputnik Network Bot

With Sputnik Network Bot, you can send, receive and exchange $ATOM, $HARD, $IOV, $KAVA, $SCRT and $USDX directly in Telegram!

You can add Sputnik Navigation to any telegram group, to get actual prices directly to group!

Sputnik Navigation delete previous messages from itself, so no possibility to spam with bot! You will see only the last message from bot in the group!

Gravity DEX is coming soon! Don’t forget to register in testnet competition with a $200,000 prize pool in $ATOM and 10 additional Cosmos assets!

Sputnik Navigation will be your best helper in this trading competition!
We wish you good luck)

Sputnik: from Community for Community

Everything I’ve wrote — is my personal experience.
Nobody pay me for this! I live with donations!

Instruction created by Vladimir Understanding:
My Starname Profile: https://starname.me/*posthuman















$ETH and Binance Smart Chain:



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