POSTHUMAN DAS is created!

Decentralized Autonomous Synchronization

Vladimir Ponimajushij
2 min readJul 27, 2022


We are going by Road Map!


Link on DAS:

We are changing the game! We are changing the PoS!

Decentralized Networks must be validated by Decentralized Validators!

Small group behind the validator is a threat of the centralization, and we made the first step to prevent such threat!

Step-by-step we decentralize governance of POSTHUMAN validator to make all delegators distributed owners of POSTHUMAN!

This is not easy deal… We haven’t any other examples of decentralized validation, but somebody needs to be the first to bring the experience and new models to others!

We really hope that our experience will help other validators to decentralize their validator governance, and will involved delegators in the governance process much more!

For us is just a matter of time! Our victory is inevitable!

It’s much more cool to delegate to your own validator than to validator of someone else! Delegators will be incentivized not only by rewards from the network, but also by income of validator!

We’re just blurring the border between validators and delegators!

Networks will prefer decentralized validators, as with decentralized validators they will also get decentralized community of delegators that is kind of sub-governance!

Networks will be sure that the validator will not shutdown the machine by the centralized will of small group or individual!

We are opening Pandora Box, but we are not afraid of it, because our Community with us!