$PHMN — Tokenomics and more!

POSTHUMAN validator issues $PHMN token

Vladimir Ponimajushij
8 min readMar 30, 2022


Friends! POSTHUMAN validator issues $PHMN token, and we want to highlight the most important moments.


  1. Important information!
  2. General information
  3. Tokenomics
  4. Example for better understanding
  5. Creation and Distribution of $PHMN
  6. Stages of $PHMN Distribution
  7. $PHMN utility
  8. Data on the development of the POSTHUMAN validator
  9. What else to expect?
  10. Road map

1. Important information!

The information in this presentation may change over time, based on unforeseen situations, and by the will of the Community!

Any changes will be by the will and in the interests of the Community!

2. General information

POSTHUMAN validator is not only 4 people behind the validator.
All our delegators in all networks is also a part of our team! And we really pleased to all our delegators.
We want to show our respect, and share 20% of POSTHUMAN profit from all networks with our delegators!

Token Symbol: $PHMN
Format: CW20 (token on Juno Network)
Max Supply: 131,072
Decimals: 6
Capitalization: 20% of POSTHUMAN profit from all networks, which will be converted into $JUNO
Investment Tool + Governance
Utility: Hold, Invest, Transfer, Exchange, Govern DAS, Earn Privilege

3. Tokenomics

Why don’t we just cut commissions by 20% in all networks?

At the first, we already have minimal commissions in the most of networks and can’t make them more low.
At the second, in several networks we…