Juno Network: How to add Juno-testnet to Keplr and get test-$JUNO

Hello, friends!

Juno Network main-net is coming soon, and all holders of $ATOM, who was delegating it, will get a stakedrop of $JUNO.
If you want to check, how much $JUNO you will get, visit: https://stakedrop.junochain.com/

Better to prepare yourself for the launching of the main-net already now!

At first, you will need to install Keplr Extension.

Use Google Chrome browser for Keplr Wallet.

Add extention to your browser.
After it, click on Keplr-icon at the up-right corner of browser:

You can create account in Keplr by the different ways, but the best — is to create a new account:

  1. Click “Create new account”.
  2. Choose “24 words”. It’s more safety, than 12 words.
  3. Input any “Account Name”. It can be anything. Only you will see it.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Input your mnemonic again, to be sure, that you recorded it correctly. After click “Register”.
  6. Your account is created! Click “Done”.

24 words is your mnemonic (not memo). It’s unchangeable password for your address. Everyone who knows it, can get access to address from any point of the Planet Earth! So, never share your mnemonic phrase!

At second, you need to add Juno-test-net to Keplr Wallet

  1. Go to Juno App: https://juno.omniflix.co/
  2. Click “Connect with Keplr
  3. Click “Approve” to add Juno-test-net chain to Keplr
  4. Click “Approve” to allow Juno App from OmniFlix Network to connect to Keplr
  1. Now you can see Juno-test-net chain in Keplr
  2. Click “Connect with Keplr
  3. Click “Approve” to connect with Keplr
  1. You will your Juno Dashboard. Click “Connect to your Telegram Account
  2. Input your Telegram username in format “@username”
  3. Click “Connect
  4. You will get your individual verify code in format:
    “/verify <your juno-address> <six digits>”. Copy it.
  5. Go to OmniFlix Bot to verify your account: https://t.me/omniflix_co_bot
  1. Start bot, and paste your individual verify code in format:
    “/verify <your juno-address> <six digits>”
  2. Send code to bot
  3. Return to Juno App: https://juno.omniflix.co/
  4. At Juno Dashboard and in Kepler you will see zero test-$JUNO
  5. To get test-$JUNO you need use faucet in Discord.
    For now — copy your juno-address
  1. Join Discord server of Juno Network and go to channel #faucet
  2. Send to channel:
    $request <your juno-address>
  3. Return to Juno App
  4. You will see 4 test-$JUNO in Keplr, but not at Juno Dashboard.
    Refresh page
  1. You will see 4 test-$JUNO on a balance at Juno Dashboard
  2. Click on button “Staking” under your balance
  3. In new window you need to choose validator
  4. And also input amount of your delegation. Don’t delegate all amount, you need some test-$JUNO to pay trx-fee
  5. Click “Stake
  6. Click “Approve” to delegate test-$JUNO
  1. If everything is good, you will see new window with information about successfully staked test-$JUNO. Click “Done
  2. Now, at Juno Dashboard, you can see amount of available test-$JUNO, amount of delegated test-$JUNO and amount of your reward for delegation. You can claim reward at any time.
  3. As you became a delegator, you get access to private group “Juno Delegators (1 JUNO). For this you need to delegate not less than 1 test-$JUNO. Click on Telegram icon to join private group.
  4. Bot will check amount of your delegation, and if it not less than 1 test-$JUNO — you will get access. Write something good to private group, that people knows that you are good person)
  1. If you will return to Juno Dashboard you can click on button “Staking” and see the full list of validators, with important parameters. You can redelegate your funds, or undelegate, or claim your reward.
  2. If you will click on button “Proposals”, you will see the list of proposals. You can vote for proposals as a delegator. For now, list of proposals is empty, but it will not be long. Soon, here is will be real digital voting, and all validators and delegators will have possibility to govern Juno Network. So, when you will get main-net $JUNO — don’t sell it! Delegate it, and it will give you a lot of possibilities in future! And of course reward for delegation)
  3. Also, at Juno Dashboard you can see amount of tokens that are in the process of undelegating. To undelegate $JUNO you will need to wait for 21 days of unbonding period. And also amount of private groups, that you can access as a delegator. More $JUNO you delegate — more private groups you can access. What will be in private groups? You will know after you will delegate more $JUNO)

Juno Network is amazing project, that will help to Cosmos Network to operate with huge amount of smart-contracts, and at the same time, don’t overload the Network.
This is very important project for all Cosmos Ecosystem and Decentralization.

Learn more about Juno in social media:

⚫️ Telegram: https://t.me/JunoNetwork

⚫️ Discord: https://discord.gg/QcWPfK4gJ2

⚫️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JunoNetwork

⚫️ Github: https://github.com/CosmosContracts


Guide is created by Vladimir Understanding

I’m test-net validator of Juno Network: https://testnet.juno.aneka.io/validators/junovaloper1sxa5wu7d5p992nxq5teh0r0lzsecmz3ukhlgla

If you find any mistake, write me: https://t.me/Antropocosmist
My Starname Profile: https://starname.me/*posthuman

Everything I’ve wrote — is my personal experience.
Nobody pay me for this! I live with donations!















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