I understand what is DeFi in 2021

For those who missed ICO-boom of 2017

People who missed the ICO-boom in 2017 can now easily observe what was there, using the example of DeFi at 2021

An idea for 10 million!

Diaper Swap

Add to liquidity pool a pair of DIAPER + BNB and receive WET DIAPERs.

Send WET DIAPERs to the Washing Machine (as they commonly say — to farming) and earn 100% APR in DIAPER.
You can get WET DIAPERs out of the Washing Machine at any time!

Also, you can buy WASHING POWDER tokens!
Add WASHING POWDER to the Washing Machine together with WET DIAPERs, and you will get 100% not in a year, but in a day!

The bridge with Ethereum is coming soon!
You will have possibility to exchange Warped WET DIAPERs in pairs to ETH and WBNB.

To everyone who will supply liquidity before the launch of the bridge with Ethereum — collectible NFTs with Screaming Babies!

There is an NFT-marketplace on Diaper Swap where you can swap Screaming Babies for Organs!

All Organs are unique.
The Organs of each Screaming Baby are BEP-721 tokens.

Diaper Swap opens up a new market of Screaming Baby’s Organs for you!


If you like my idea, you can support me)










$ETH + $BNB (BEP20)



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