I have a dream…

I want to share it with you)

Vladimir Ponimajushij
3 min readSep 27, 2021

If you don’t have a dream, feel free to make my dream your dream, or to fork my dream!

It will make our dream come true faster.

In about ~7 billion ( years, our Sun will come to the next phase of its existence: from the Yellow Dwarf to the Red Giant.
As a butterfly appears from a caterpillar, our Sun will spread its wings. And it will open it so that the radius of the sun will increase by 10–50 times. Maybe, the Sun not swallow the Earth (I bet it will swallow it up!), but it will definitely incinerate all life on Earth. The entire Solar System will stop to be what it is now. Physical Apocalypse!

And now 7 billion years pass…

I’m in a spaceship. I’m at a safe distance from the process Sun’s transition. The explosion won’t reach me.

I didn’t come alone. Next to me are all those whom I know, who are reading this, all who live on Earth now!

There are our children. Children of our children. Our great-great-great-grandchildren. Our 280 million times great-grandchildren!

We all look very differently: someone looks more like a robot, someone looks like a “spherical light”, someone is part of a meta-organism, and their appearance is constantly changing… We are no longer humans. We are different types of post-humans!

We are on different spaceships, and we decided to meet with each other.
Perhaps, for somebody, it’s the first contact, because We flew here from different Star Systems, some of which are located on opposite sides of our Galaxy.

Once upon a time, about 7 billion years ago, Humankind found a way how to live endless! Humans stopped dying! There were more and more humans, and Humanity began to spread among the Solar System.

When the entire Solar System was mastered, Humanity went beyond it!
We scattered across different Star Systems.

In the process of adapting to new conditions in different Star Systems, co-evoluting together with technologies, over 7 billion years there have appeared as many new types of humans as there are Stars in the sky!

We all had our own ways: somewhere we were wrong, somewhere we were right… But we have one place of origin — the Earth.
I even came up with a word for this: humanhood (by analogy with “childhood”, or “brotherhood”).

We’ve all become post-humans, but we have one Humanhood.
We are just different kinds of post-humans.

The entire Galaxy flew down to observe how the place from which Everything appeared — will stop to exist.
Now something new will appears!

It’s like watching a tractor demolish your playground!
You look like an old iron slide, a little rusty, with peeling paint — bends under the inevitable movement of iron tracks!
That’s all…
No more sandbox where we learned to take the first steps!
Right here we tried to do the first steps of space navigation, flying from planet to planet…
This World seemed huge to us! The fence around the playground, which now we can simply step over, seemed to us an insurmountable wall. We knew that there was something behind the Wall, but the playground was enough for us. It is only now that we understand that the playground is very small.

And now, our Playground is being demolished by the Tractor of the Physical Apocalypse!

We saved all living things from the Solar System in advance: leaving the Solar System, we took with us “a pair of every creature”. Or rather, a pair of their DNA in order to be able to recreate Life anywhere.

Humanity has become Noah’s Ark!

Developers will understand me:
We’ve forked the Solar System!

And for my dream to come true, I need not 100 years, not 600, not 10500…
I need at least 7 billion years! More is better!
Since then I will have a dream to look at the Physical Apocalypse of the Milky Way Galaxy. Of course, from a safe distance)

On the way to my dream, I will need to do a lot of good deeds!
We will need to support each other, look for consensus with each other, will be many difficulties, and of course it will be interesting, and of course, see of fun is waiting for us!