How to vote for proposals in IRISnet in just 8 clicks

Fast guide with explanations

Just 8 clicks (not counting the pin-code), and all IRISnet will hear your voice!

Open your iris-address in the Cosmostation Wallet App. You will see this:

  1. Be sure, that your $IRIS are delegated!
    User, who are delegating $IRIS — support IRISnet.
    They not only get reward for delegation, but they also have right to vote!
  2. Click “Governance” — the first click.

You will see a list of proposals:

  1. Be sure, that proposal in the “voting period
  2. Click on the proposal — the second click.

You will see the information about the proposal:

  1. You can see time period of voting.
  2. Read proposal description, to to know what you are voting for!
  3. Click “Vote” — the third click.

You will see 4 possible answers:

  1. You need to choose one of 4 answers: “Yes”, “No”, “No with veto”, “Abstain”. In this guide, I select “YES” — the fourth click.
  2. After click on “Next” — the fifth click.

You will be asked to insert memo:

  1. Memo is important for exchanges, for voting — it’s not important.
    You can insert nothing, or write anything you want.
    In this guide I’ve wrote: “IRIS need your vote!”, — it will be written in the blockchain. Forever!
  2. Click on “Next” — the sixth click.

You will see information about network fee:

“Voting for proposal” is also transaction in the blockchain! Because of it, you can be sure, that nobody fake your vote! Cosmostation Wallet has minimal fee, and this fee goes to validators of IRISnet, not to Cosmostation.
Click on “Next” — the seventh click.

You will see transaction details:

If: everything is right
Then: click on “Confirm” — the eighth click.

After the 8th click, you will be asked to enter a pin-code (4 numbers and 1 letter)
After, wait for a few seconds, until your voting in process.

After you will see all the information about how and when you voted:

  1. Be sure, that status of transaction is “Success”.
  2. If you click on it, you will see your transaction in block-explorer.
  3. You can return back to your address by clicking on “Done”.

That’s all.
Only 8 clicks to be heard by all IRISnet!

If you have any questions, you can ask in Telegram:
IRIS Network Community
Cosmostation Community

Instruction created by Vladimir Ponimajushij:
My Starname Profile:*posthuman

Everything I’ve wrote — is my personal experience.
Nobody pay me for this! I live with donations!