How to participate in Persistance airdrop and send magic transaction

At 26th of October 2020, Persistence is launching an airdrop. 200,000 $XPRT will be distrebuted for delegators of $ATOM.

To participate in the airdrop, you need:

Go to website:

Left screenshot: Scroll down.
Middle screenshot: Find “Send Magic Transaction” and click.
Right screenshot: Click “Accept

We see a list of available methods to participate in airdrop.
Copy the “Designated Address”.

We need to send 0.001 $ATOM to this address.

Next, open the Cosmostation Wallet App:
iOS version
Android version

(1) Make sure your $ATOM are delegated. It means — $ATOM on the “Delegated Balance”. Read how to delegate here!
(2) Click on the image of the rocket with the inscription “SEND

(1) The recipient’s address must be “Designated Address”, which we copied from the site
(2) Click “Next

(1) Input 0.001
(2) Click “Next

(1) Input your eth-address to the Memo field. You will receive $XPRT on this eth-address. If you don’t have eth-address, create it with MetaMask
(2) Click “Next

(1) Make sure that the slider is on “Free
(2) Click “Next

(1) Make sure to send 0.001 $ATOM
(2) Make sure to send transaction to “Designated Address
(3) Make sure that in the Memo field your eth-address
(4) Click “Confirm

Wait ~7 seconds (average speed of block formation in the Cosmos Network)

(1) Make sure the “green check mark” is next to the word “Success
(2) Click “Done

After that, you automatically become participant of the Persistance airdrop, and within a month (until November 25, 2020) you will receive $XPRT to the eth-address, that you input in the Memo.

To find out how much you will get in a month, you need:

Go to the Cosmostation Wallet App:

Copy your cosmos-address.
Go to the site, and scroll down to “Your Rewards

(1) Input your cosmos-address into the “Staking Address” field
(2) Click on “Calculate
(3) You will see, how much $XPRT you will get on your eth-address.

That’s all! Don’t lose your chance to get $XPRT!

The instruction was prepared by Vladimir Ponimajushij
If you find any mistake, write to me:

I have no job. All my time I spend on Cosmos Ecosystem.
If you can support me, it will be great!








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