How to delegate ATOMs in Cosmos Network in just 8 clicks

To delegate ATOMs in Cosmos Network is very easy! You will get reward for it!

I use Cosmostation Wallet for this. You need to do just 8 clicks. We don’t count “pin” and “amount”.

Open your Cosmostation Wallet. Choose Cosmos Hub.

Remember: you need to have a balance on your cosmos-adress to delegate ATOMs.

If: you have ATOMs on your cosmos-adress
Then: you can delegate it!

Click #1 — choose “Delegate”

After it you will see this:

Category “My” is empty. So, you need to choose your validator.
Click #2 — choose category “All”.

You will see this:

Its a big list of COSMOS-validators. They are real Heroes. Better to delegate your ATOMs to several different validators, to make more Decentralization! But for this instruction we will choose only one: Cosmostation-validator. I trust to this validator, because I’m the part of Cosmostation community)

So, Click #3 — choose validator!

After it you will see:

Here you can see all information about validator:

“Total Bonded” is amount of all ATOMs, that was delegating to this validator.

“Self Bonded Rate” is an interest of validator. More percent — more trust to validator.

“Average Yield” is important for us! You will get reward for delegation of ATOMs. More percent — more reward you will get.

“Commission” is not important for us. More commission — more trust to validator.

Time for Click #4 — choose “Deligate”.

You will see this:

You will see this:

Memo is not important for delegation. So, don’t write nothing. Just make Click #6 — choose “Next”.

You will see this:

Fee is not important for delegation. Be sure, that you select “free”. After it, Click #7 — choose “Next”.

You will see this:

Check information about your delegation. If everything is right, then time for Click #8 — choose “Confirm”.

After it you need to put your pin-code, wait several seconds, and you will see this:

All information about your transaction on this screen. Look at right-up corner. If you see “green v” near word “success” — it means, that you was doing everything right! Your ATOMs are delegated now!

After delegation of ATOMs, you can claim a reward, and vote for proposals.

Vote for proposals is very easy! It’s also just 8 clicks! I already create easy instruction for voting for proposals in Cosmos Network:

If you have any questions, feel free to join Cosmostation community in Telegram:

If you like my instructions, you can send me some ATOMs (i will delegate it to get reward!):

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