How to create star-address for IOV and register Starname using Cosmostation or Keplr

Hello, friends!
I want to tell you about two fast and easy ways to create star-address:
For mobile — Cosmostation Wallet.
For browser — Keplr Wallet.

Cosmostation Wallet

At first, download Cosmostation Wallet App:

After, launch Cosmostation Wallet App:

Click “CREATE”. Choose “Starname Mainnet”. Click “Show Mnemonic”.

You will see 24 words.
It’s your mnemonic phrase. Unchangeable password for your address. With this mnemonic, you can get access to your address from any wallet, from any place. Record this 24 words on paper. Better 2 times on 2 different papers.

Cosmostation doesn’t have access to your mnemonic. If you lose it — nobody can restore it.

Never-Never-Never send your mnemonic to nobody!
Not to support, not to admin, not to bot!

Never send it by email!

Never keep it at centralized clouds, like a Google Drive or iCloud.
Everyone, who knows your mnemonic — can get access to your address!

Click “Create Wallet

You will see this:

You will be asked to create a pin-code (4 digits + 1 letter) and after approve it.

If you will forget your pin-code, you will need to re-install Cosmostation Wallet.

You always can restore access to your address with your mnemonic phrase.

Your address is not in the wallet. Your address is in the blockchain.
You can get access to your address from different wallets, also from command line, if you know mnemonic phrase.
You can have one address in several different wallets.

To understand more about difference between “Wallet” and “Address” — read this article.

If you want to import your address from another wallet to Cosmostation Wallet — read this article.

Your star-address is created! Now, you are available to receive and send $IOV:

Your star-address is not a private information. You can share your address with anybody. Everybody can see all addresses in the blockchain.

You can register starname, and connect many different addresses from other blockchains to your starname:

Click “Starname Service”. You will have possibility to register Premium or Basic starname. After registration of starname, you will get Starname Profile. For example, this is my profile:*posthuman

Also, you can connect to your starname a lot of different addresses from other blockchains!

Click “Connected Addresses Replce”. Click “+”. After choose addresses, that you want to connect to your starname.

You can connect so many addresses, like you want, but only one address from one blockchain.
It means, that you can connect to your starname:
one star-address + one cosmos-address + one btc-address + one eth-address + one kava-address + one iris-address…
The list of available blockchains is grew up with every week!

Cosmostation Wallet has great functionality, and I don’t know more powerful mobile app for Cosmos Ecosystem. Check my medium Vladimir Ponimajushij — for more guides and instructions.

Keplr Wallet

Use Google Chrome browser for Keplr Wallet.

Add extention to your browser. After it, click on Keplr-icon in the uo-right corner of browser:

You can create account in Keplr by different way, but the best — it’s create new account:

  1. Click “Create new account”.
  2. Choose “24 words”. It’s more safety, than 12 words.
  3. Input any “Account Name”. Only you will see it.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Input your mnemonic again, to be sure, that you recorded it right way. After click “Register”.
  6. Your account is created! Click “Done”.

Now, after clicking on Keplr-icon, you will see the window of your account.

Left screenshot: 1) Click to choose the blockchain. 2) Choose “Starname”.
Right screenshot: 1) Click on star-address. 2) It will be automatically copied.

Feel free to share you star-address with anybody!
Never share your mnemonic phrase!

Keplr Wallet gives you a lot of cool possibilities! To know more, read a guide from beautiful Catdotfish: How to use Keplr Wallet

Also, with Keplr Wallet you can get an access to

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Connect with Keplr Extention
  3. You can register a new starname by choosing “Starname Manager
  4. If you have a starname, click “My Profile” to edit it. You can add picture, description, payment methods, your social webs, and many more functions in near future!

Here you can find all starnames, that are already exist:

For more information join:
Starname community
Cosmostation community
Keplr community
Cosmos Ecosystem community

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