How enthusiasm is lost, or Centralization of Social Power in Cosmos Network

If they don’t need it, we will not do it!

  1. — 3D animation, which we seem to have already seen in one of the prize videos. But considering what the 1st and 2nd places were given for, this video could also be given 1st or 2nd. 164 views, 10 likes.
  2. — almost static pictures that are replaced by video from the computer screen. Over 15,000 views. 732 likes.
  3. — screen capture. Almost 1400 views, 87 likes.
  4. — video made in the video maker with a hand writing on the screen. It’s just a standard to the point that there is a designer of such videos. 144 views. You can’t see the number of likes…
  5. — well, this is a real video! In terms of quality, of course, you can’t compare with ours, but it’s also a shame for this participant. Could have given him 1st or 2nd place, while what videos were given 1st and 2nd places… 147 views, 22 likes.
  6. — 3D animation of almost static pictures taken from the Internet. But the 1st and 2nd places were occupied by lower quality videos. 946 views, 40 likes.
  7. — almost static pictures that are replaced by pictures from the Internet. Somewhere I have already seen this… 1100 views. 30 likes.
  8. — full copy of the previous video, from the same author. That is, the same video received two awards in “Honorable Mention“. 632 views, 32 likes.
  9. — well, here at least a living person appears and is replaced by static pictures. Over 3000 views. You can’t see the number of likes…
  10. — good video from the person who took 1st place in the first category. It’s strange why this video was not given the 2nd place, despite the fact that which videos were given the 2nd places… 531 views, 66 likes.
  11. — we’ve already seen these changing pictures. 59 views, 1 like.
  12. h ttps: // v = ip4Wo7A7mvI — static pictures + screen capture. Already nauseous from such videos… 3600 views, 320 likes. I’m sure it’s screwed up. It couldn’t get so many likes…
  13. — there is at least a real person who broadcasts pretty cool on camera. But this is a static shot. At the end of the screen shot. Strange, that he was not given 1st or 2nd place, as it is clearly better than 1st place in the last category! just over 1000 views, 87 likes.
  14. — the video is the same in Russian as mine. With English subtitles. But these are again semi-static pictures and ordinary animation. 2800 views, 222 likes.
  15. — screen capture with voiceover. Not even a person was shown… 1700 views, 110 likes.
  16. — a video from a feature film about Hitler’s bunker with subtitles about ATOM. This is in the category of memes, and not the video should be sent. 241 views, 19 likes.
  17. — From the 1st place video creator in the Fifth Category. Almost the same. Could have given the first two places, in such cases))) 463 views, 43 likes.
  18. — there is at least a real person who broadcasts pretty cool on camera. But the frame is static. 1,051 views 141 likes.
  19. — static pictures, videos from the Internet, sick of this… 36 views, 1 like.
  20. — animation that we have seen a hundred times already, with 9200 views and 1000 likes, which I will never believe. Such a video cannot have so many likes…