General Strike against Centralization of the Cosmos Network

I honestly tried to solve this problem on a personal level, but I was met with ignorance…

I tried to resolve this issue within the community, but I was not allowed to speak…

It gave me the understanding of missing threat. Centralization already here. Not in the Blockchain, but in the community!

I have to push this issue out of the community, because I really love this community and wish the best for it!

I care, which is why I raise this question.

It is very important that you understand me correctly!

  1. This article is not against Daniela Catdotfish— she is a good person, but she can also be wrong. This is common to all people.
  2. This article is not about Daniela Catdotfish in general— just Daniela is an example on which I want to show the main point: in addition to the threat of network centralization, we also have a threat of community centralization. And this has already happened.
  3. I don’t want this article hurt Daniela Catdotfish, but when a doctor performs an operation on a patient, the doctor cuts the patient with a knife. It not be pleasant, it may be painful, but unfortunately there is no way to cure a person, other than to point out the bad sides of the person. And EGO is the reason for the bad sides of a person. I apologize in advance that this text may hurt, but if you perceive it not as an “attempt to offend“, but as an attempt to point out the sides with which person need to work, then soon Daniela will thank me. Apparently, no one else worries about her moral and psychological state as me.
  4. Just because I’m pointing out the bad sides of Daniela Catdotfish — doesn’t mean she doesn’t have good sides. She has a lot of good sides! She does a lot for the Cosmos Ecosystem, she helps people a lot, she has an amazing organizational gift! I’m appreciate to Daniela. I care about her, that is why I’m writing this text. I wish her the best, and I want this text to help Daniela grow over herself. If I treated Daniela badly, I would not waste time pointing out her weaknesses. And I do it publicly, since I have already tried to do it personally, and more than once, but it does not work. The only thing that can change a person is the person her/himself. But in order for a person to understand that she/he needs to change something in her/himself, she/he needs to be pointed out to her/him by outside observers. We don’t notice a lot of ourselves.

Like usual, big problems began from something not important…

Power makes bad people from good people.



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