$GATO Tokenomics

Game Token of Decentralized Digital PostState

12 min readApr 14, 2023

$GATO — Token of Entertainment and Self-education functionality

During the POSTHUMAN blockchain testnet, and Metarchy testnet, $GATO tokenomics can be changed!
This is not the final version!
The final version of $GATO tokenomics will be published after a successful completion of testnets!

Usability of $GATO

  1. Purchase and sale of NFTs
  2. Providing Liquidity and creating Liquidity Pools
  3. Lock tokens for:
    - Getting Gamer Status and Gamer Voice Power (GVP)
    - Getting Profit from the Game
    - Participation in Championships
    - Participation in the Betting Game
    - Voting for Sponsors
    - Voting for Advertisement
    - Game Governance
    - Participation in Learn-to-Earn
    - Interactions with Interactive Content

Creation and distribution of $GATO

  • Max Supply of $GATO will be depend on the ratio of $GATO in Free Circulation and Locked $GATO
  • Initial Supply of $GATO — 100.000.000
  • 1 $GATO = 1,000,000 $uGATO

Initial $GATO Distribution