Vladimir Ponimajushij

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  • Secret Network

    Secret Network

    The Data Privacy Platform For Web3 — build and use blockchain applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving.

  • Fetch.ai Network

    Fetch.ai Network

    AI and digital economics company, based in Cambridge, UK



    This is the @FirmaChain Official Account http://firmachain.org/#/

  • kin ko | ckxpress

    kin ko | ckxpress

    Earthling. Founder of @likecoin & DHK dao. Writer at ckxpress.com . Published “The Sociology of Blockchain, reimagining money, media and democracy.”.

  • Tharsis


    Tharsis Labs develops EVM and interoperability solutions on the Cosmos Network

  • pSTAKE Finance

    pSTAKE Finance

    Liquid staking protocol unlocking the liquidity of staked PoS assets — Bringing PoS assets to DeFi.

  • Phoebe Poon

    Phoebe Poon

    Core team @LikeCoin | Transforming the content industry through decentralized publishing. #DePub

  • Mikhil Pandey

    Mikhil Pandey

    Lead @pSTAKE

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