Decentralized Digital Poststate | Part 1


5 min readJan 31, 2023

Welcome to the Decentralized Digital Poststate

First steps into a distributed future

We are creating a Decentralized Digital Poststate, which will show us a positive and constructive example of how to solve the existing Economic, Social and Cultural-Psychological problems!

We are people who live all over the world in the territories of various states, but at the same time, we spend most of our time on the Internet

Despite the fact that we are all of different sex and age, speak different languages, and have different ideas about the world order, we don’t fight with each other, and don’t discriminate against each other on any grounds!

The Internet has helped us unite into Digital Communities that meet our needs much more effectively than the states in whose territories we live: everyone has a real right to vote, we help each other, cooperate, and most importantly, we feel safe!

What is considered a utopia in classical states is the norm in our Digital Communities!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have problems, but in our Digital Communities everyone has the opportunity to take part in solving these problems!

And the creation of a Decentralized Digital Poststate is not only a solution to the problems of our Digital Communities:
We want to show how easy it is to make everyone’s life better!

The Main Idea

The Web3-Personality and the Decentralized Digital Poststate

The right to self-identification and the protection of this right

The development of the Internet and the emergence of Blockchains have given rise to new digital forms of interaction between people:
Now people who are in the territories of different states can meet and interact in digital spaces

Between these people, new forms of social and economic interaction are being formed, which gives rise to new forms of cultural behavior, and also creates new forms of self-identification of the individual

In the process of digital interaction, people from different countries associate themselves less and less with representatives of classical cultures and nationalities, and more and more associate themselves with such a concept as a Web3-personality

Web3-person is a person whose social, economic and cultural activity takes place on the Internet much more often and more intensively than in the material space

The life of a Web3-person depends much more on interaction within the Digital Communities than on interaction with the state on whose territory the Web3-person resides

Almost all classical nations have their own states, which in one way or another protect the interests and rights of their citizens. At least this is what is stated in the official documents of these states.
But Web3-persons haven’t yet had an institution that would protect the rights and interests of Web3-persons

Apparently, the time has come to correct this, and create an institution to protect the rights and interests of Web3-individuals

Our Decentralized Digital Poststate based on Blockchain technology, solves the problems inherent in all classical states, and also has functionality that cannot be implemented in classical states

  • POSTHUMAN BLOCKCHAIN is a Social, Economic and Cultural experiment!
  • POSTHUMAN BLOCKCHAIN is a bridge between Web2 and Web3, a bridge between the Material World and the Digital World!
  • POSTHUMAN BLOCKCHAIN is a Decentralized Digital Poststate!

Foundations of the Decentralized Digital Poststate

Poststate for Citizens, not Citizens for Poststate!

The most important value for the Decentralized Digital Poststate is Citizens!

Decentralized Digital Poststate for Citizens, not Citizens for the Decentralized Digital Poststate!

Citizens (protection of their rights and interests) are the main reason for the creation of the Decentralized Digital Poststate!

Poststate is a tool that Citizens use to protect their rights and interests:

  • Poststate is not able to manage, coerce or tell Citizens how to act in any way
  • Poststate should not have any functionality that would allow infringing or violating the rights and interests of Citizens
  • If there is any possibility of infringement of the rights and interests of Citizens by the Poststate, Citizens are obliged to reformat the Poststate, and the reformatting functionality must be present in the functionality of the Poststate

Foundations of the Poststate can be changed and supplemented over time, based on the interests of the Citizens, and by the will of the Citizens

More about Actors of Poststate in the Part 2:

Functionality of the Decentralized Digital Poststate

A digital tool for solving real problems

The functionality of the Decentralized Digital Poststate should be to meet the following needs of Citizens:
- Economic
- Social
- Cultural and Psychological

To meet the Economic needs of Citizens, the Poststate provides a secure Digital Space in which Citizens and Users can perform any form of economic interaction

Also, the Poststate must ensure its own security

The Poststate provides services and digital products that can be used not only by Citizens, but also by any other Internet Users

The economic activity of the Poststate brings profit, which is distributed among the Citizens

The Poststate protects the privacy of its Citizens, and privacy protection is one of the functions of the Poststate

The functionality of the Poststate can be changed and supplemented over time, based on the interests of the Citizens, and by the will of the Citizens

More about functionality of Poststate in the PArt 3:

A few insights

  1. There will be 4 main tokens in the Poststate:
    - Unit ($UNIT) — economical token
    - Posthuman ($PHMN) — governance token
    - Lock ($LOCK) — security/validator token
    - Game Token ($GATO) — cultural token
  2. Each Сitizen will be able to issue their own personal tokens to provide their services
  3. $PHMN-holders (those who hold $PHMN in DAS) and stakers of many Cosmos Ecosystem projects will be eligible to receive $UNIT stakedrop (full rules will be announced soon)
  4. Citizens of the Poststate will receive an Unconditional Income
  5. $PHMN-holders (those who hold $PHMN in DAS) will receive Citizenship of the Poststate automatically

More information about Decentralized Digital Poststate POSTHUMAN BLOCKCHAIN will be soon!