How to import address from Trust Wallet to Cosmostation Wallet

What is better for staking cosmos-sdk based blockchains, like $ATOM, $BAND, $KAVA or $IRIS?

Screenshot taken on October 8, 2020

What is the difference between “address” and “wallet”?

The difference between wallets

On the left is a list. On the right are actions.
On the left — click on “Receive”. On the right — we are shown our kava-address.
Left: (1) Enter the kava-address of the recipient, (2) Click on Next. Right: (1) Specify the quantity, (2) Click on Next.
Left: (1) Leave the Memo field empty, (2) Click on Next. Right: (!!!) Make sure that fee is zero, (2) Click on Next.
Left: (!!!) Check the correctness of the filled in data (2) Click on Confirm. Then we enter the pin code again, wait for ~ 7 seconds. Right: (1) Success! (2) fee is zero (3) See how much was sent (4) Click on Done.

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I hope, this instruction helped you to understand process better))

The instruction was prepared by Vladimir Ponimajushij