Aura Network Uptime Bot

Be in touch with your validator

Vladimir Ponimajushij
3 min readApr 7


Hello friends!

web3validator & POSTHUMAN validators made a Telegram bot for Aura Network to check the validator’s Uptime!

This is fast guide how to use it!

Go to Telegram and find: and you will see this:

Click on “START” to run the bot, you will see available commands:

Click on “create checker” to add validator in the list.
To find a name of validator, you can use Aura Network Block Explorer.

Go to and choose “Validators” in the “Blockchain” tab:

You will see the list of all validators:

Find a validator that you want to add into the list, for example POSTHUMAN ꝏ DVS and copy its name:

Input the name of validator into Aura Network Uptime Bot:

If everything is right, you will see this:

Click on the “Menu” to return back: